Monday, February 16, 2009

Kimberly Street

A month ago, Uncle was here for a short trip in Penang and his friend took him to Kimberly Street. He loves the food there so much that he wanted me to bring him there again the next day. Of course, the noob me had a hard way finding the place. Huhu. Again today after work, I was craving for their dessert and sadly, the stall is closed for the day!!! KNS!!!

This is what we had that night. Some desserts with mixture of longan, gingko nuts, etc.

Surprisingly, the char kueh tiaw (CKT) is nice too.

The location of the CKT is right in front of Kedai Kopi Sin Guat Keong and the stall selling dessert is just parallel to it. I'll give it 8/10. Hehe. Oh well. The main motive to Kimberly Street is not because of the CKT of course. It's because of THIS!!!!!!!!

The texture of the 'kueh' is a bit thick though.

RM 5 and I'll rate it 7 out of 10. Huhu. I will order only duck meat & egg next time.
Don't know what else they added. Some intestines I guess.

It's the DUCK MEAT KUEH CHAP, available only during dinner time, around 6+ onwards. It's also one of the roadside stall along Kimberly Street. I would say it's one of the nice ones I tried so far in Penang. At least I finished the whole bowl. Hahaha. Still, Kuching's kueh chap (Bangkok one too) is the BEST!

Tofu and more tofu!

Now, who can send me a packet of kueh chap from Kuching to Penang? Huhu. =(


Harmony said...

char kueh tiaw looks damn nice! :D slurps

JustinKC said...

hahaha u should indeed try the kueh chap from Kuching! It's way much better! if you happen to be in Kuching, do leave me an email and ill get u around man =)

Zeekco said...

why is everyone talking about CKT nowadays? yes, Kimberley St CKT is one of the best ones at night.

and please ar, the Kuey Chap here is the best (until you treat me Kuching ones, then only i decide ok). So for the mean time, the Penang one still kick ass!!!! hahah..

Justin Ho said...

I can vouch that Kuching Kueh Chap is better than what I've tried in Singapore.

SG ones better looking; 'meat' and 'kueh' served separately.

KCH ones taste much better even though all masuk into the same bowl