Friday, February 20, 2009

Mario Ristorante

Mario Ristorante
was jam packed with people that night. We left around 6.30 and only reached Batu Ferringhi about 8. We were 30 minutes late and the captain was reluctant to give us our table. Then, he grumbled to his waiter saying we were late and it's not their fault. YES. Right in front of us. Sheesh. However, the waitress was very friendly and recommended us what's nice one by one. A pretty Indian lady I would say. Hehe.

The deco that night, with lovely heart shaped balloons everywhere.

Fruit Punch - RM 9.90. Nice when it's cold and too sweet when it's not.

Set dinner was like RM 120++ per pax and they had limited à la carte for you to order that night. They will first produce you with their set dinner menu and the à la carte menu will be given upon request only. Smart no? We ordered one set dinner and one à la carte of course and that costed him nearly 200 bucks. It's nice to be a gal no? Oppss. =P

Appetizer: Fresh salad with duck meat.
I'll give 5/10 for this since I'm not a big fan of duck. LOL.

This would be my favourite of that night! CLAM CHOWDER which is thick and creamy!
9/10!!! A MUST try!!

Now, I'm drooling for it again. Even the bun is good.

My medium rare steak. The side dishes were great too. 7.5/10

His chicken à la carte which is around 40+.

Dessert - a small slice of chocolate cake and a scoop of ice cream.
They had another option which is cheese cake which I think is huge compared to this. Huhu.

The BF said Mario Ristorante is known for their specialty in PASTA but the choice was VERY limited that night sadly. Nevermind. There will be a next time but definitely not on February the 14th! LOL! For more info, read CKLam's detailed review about this Italian restaurant.

Oh wait a minute. Did I tell you we took 1.5 hours back too? Even the bridge was jammed around midnight. GOSH!

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Jocelyn said...

The good thing about dining out I would say is DEFINITELY the AMBIENCE and of course the fact that you're being SERVED and no cleaning up necessary. Otherwise I guess it's somewhat overpriced...
Yea, I meant on Feb 14th... :)