Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Douchebag @ Work

I brought back my jacket and forgot to bring back to the office yesterday. So, I've been sneezing on and off whole day and this guy happened to walk pass my cube. He stopped by and asked if I'm okay. At first I thought it's nothing and he's just OH-SO-CONCERNED type. Padahal, he's the nosey one and the kind that will stab you behind your back!

Douchebag: Hey, are you all right? You don't look well. *put both his hands on his cheek and looked at me.*

Me: I'm okay. Just feeling cold.

Douchebag: You look as if the company is owing you A LOT of money. You sure you okay ah?

Me: Yea. It's you who owe me money la. Not the company. Now, where's my money?

Douchebag: HAHAHA! Wait ah. Wait I go out and buy for you. *grin*

Me: Huh??!!?! BUY??

Douchebag: Yeah. Now the shops are selling ma. Those that you can burn one? (He meant the paper money to burn for the dead!!! KNN! )

Me: -________-"

OMGWTFBBQ! I felt like punching him on the face and kicking him in the nuts. FUCK OFF la. What a bastard!!!! Oh ya. Did I mention he likes to put his head close to you while talking to you? Barely a few inches I tell you! And he's married with kids! Wanna hamsap, go far far away la! GROSS!!!! -________-"


Sharon said...

if he's lengchai surely u wont mind? ;P

Eryn said...

leng zai also mou min pei la!

Zeekco said...

this is sexual harassment!!! do something. i know, i know... the next time he touches you, you scream!!!!

Pink Cotton said...


eee i hope he doesnt have bad breath

Annie said...

Should say, "You're stinky breath is legendary here. No need to advertise liao. Even the aunties at the morning market gossip about it."

See next time he still dare to shove his face close when talk to others.

Sharon said...

annie is scary :P

George Yew said...

now i know how scary a woman can be.. *kia kia*