Monday, March 23, 2009

Restaurant Khanna (Indian Cuisine)

Weeks ago, after reading Zeek's entry about this place, I decided to try it out straight. Like on the very same day. LOL. Yes! I'm slow in updating my blog lately! Pardon my laziness. I've been busy with work and that sucks. Not much slacking lately and I miss it. In fact, I'm still busy and I'm taking some time off to blog. Hahaha. DOH!

Here's a quick review of what I tried. Located at 67 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (which is near Northam Tower), it serves both North and South Indian Cuisine. What surprise me was the interior decorations and the portion/price of their food. Yes! They are affordable and come in large portion!

Just merely trying out BOKEH again. ;))

The price is quite affordable I would say.
At first glance, I thought it's some classy restaurant that serves expensive Indian food. ;))

On the left, they have this wine bar (proceed to the next pic) &
on the right, it's some lounge for you to relax and chill.

Don't know why I like this pic so much. ^_^

Everyone gets a basket of papadam and the unique thing is they have two
different sauces (mint & chutnet sauce) for you to dip your papadam in.

Rice Pullau (RM 4)

Palak Panir or Paneer (RM 6)
It's basically spinach and mustard leaves based curry dish eaten with bread such as roti or naan.
You can find cottage cheese in it too. My first try as I've never seen this anywhere.

Lamb Kofta Curry (Rm 8.50)
Kofta here means meatball that is popular in the Balkans, the Middle and Far East.

Puri - It's a deep fried unleavened bread about 4 inches in diameter
which puffs up when cooked and should be served at once.

Garlic Naan Set with Fish Masala (RM 9+) -
Their naan is quite thick I would say. Compared to the ones I tried so far.

Almond Kulfi (RM 5)
Normally made from milk flavoured with almond/mango and it's creamier compared to ice cream.
Not my favourite but it's worth a try. ;)

I just found out that they are having promotion! Cool leh? :P

More details here if you're interested. I would pay them a visit again for sure. Don't know why I'm craving for Indian food lately. LOL. Here's the map for your reference. It's just in between Northam Tower and Sri Pangkor Condominium. Happy exploring!!!! ;)


Zeekco said...

very nice Erin! nice photos and the food is yummylicious. so hungry now la. haha

Cheryl said...

you make me crave for indian food now lei...... :P

Ă…nGe|e said...

I lurvee indian cuisine! Some dishes are quite oily and fattening because they're mostly made with ghee but from time to time, there's no harm in indulging oneself with a great meal, eh? :D

el the man said...

wow, i'm starting to be a fan of your blog. The food looks good and decently priced I'd say.