Friday, April 17, 2009


Have you seen any events in life where they will describe to you that it's not being held during the Ghost Festival?

Have you seen any events in life where organizers put two dates? Something like "Date: 5th July (Chinese calendar - 5th month day 14th) 2009 (Monday)"

Will you protest on that? We are working in a multi-racial environment. Don't you think this will spark certain emotions from the non-Chinese? Those who are superstitious I mean. It really makes me wonder what is so difficult for people to check their own chinese date themselves if they are really that superstitious. Sheesh.

Apart from that, have you ever heard crappy announcement saying you will learn the moral values for each event so that they can apply them on work and also daily activities? Don't you think it's a bit fussy? I really have zero idea how people can think like that. It sounds like as if we are attending some moral lessons in school. "Class! Today we will be learning on Gotong-Royong. Please learn the concept of doing things together and helping each other in the spirit of goodwill".

I really wonder what people will think after that annoucement is being sent out. Surely, I'll feel something like THIS!

All I can say is, OUCH.

So, if you're in my shoe, will you voice out your opinion to these bunch of narrow-minded peeps? Sigh.

Happy weekend everyone! ^__^

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k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

cheers babe....there are a lot of fucking stupid people out there and we are happen to work with them!!

some stupid things also happen to me lately @ i feel like killing them all!!