Monday, May 25, 2009

It's the Season Again!

Cousin Murphy was here for the weekend and as usual, I would bring my guest to taste the awesome local food in Penang. I think I fed him too much till he started to complain that his Penang trip was all about EATING only and how much gym effort he has wasted in such a short period. LOL.

We had lemak laksa at Balik Pulau and he said this is the BEST among all the things he tried here.

Well, this time, I decided to try something different. We drove about 15-20 mins from the laksa place to HERE. Let's see if you can guess what I am to blog.

It's a house somewhere in between Balik Pulau and Teluk Bahang.

They have this little corner where they cook and serve you assam laksa at RM1. Cheap no?
But I didn't try it as I don't really favour assam laksa. Hehe.

It looked tempting right? But from what I heard, the mee is not fully cooked.

NO. I did not go there for assam laksa. What else can you find in Balik Pulau other than DURIAN FARMS? Hehehe. YES! It's DURIAN SEASON again. I'm not really a durian fan and I guess it's nice to try. Next time I can bring my mumi dearest there again since she's a durian freak! ;))

What I like about this place is it gives a cosy 'kampung' feel.
You can sit down and enjoy the greenish scenery while feasting upon your durian.

*nom nom nom*

Behind the house, you can find lots of durian trees.

We decided to ask the uncle to pick for us since I have no idea how to choose a yummylicious durian. We had 2 durians - both at the price of RM15 each. It's super yellowish, soft and creamy!!!!! AWESOME!

Uncle was quick to open up the durian. For me, it would have taken ages I think. ;)

LOOK how YELLOW it is!!!!!!!!!!! Hungry yet? Yes? No? Hehehe...

It's really finger licking good! ;)

Darn. This entry makes me crave for MORE! Huhu.


Lee said...

Nice photos. The color looks very nice. I do not eat durian. LOL

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The Devil said...

eh eh... gimme the location on wikimapia la.. i wanna go...

or... u become my tour guide can?

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

i think the durian more tempting than the mee le hahahaha

Pink Cotton said...

i also want the location for the durian feast...boohoohoo