Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Padang Brown

I have heard of it many times and just last month I had found out that I've been going to the wrong food court all this while. Located at Dato Keramat Road, you will be able to find a big football field and at each side of the field, you can find food stalls there. All are nice btw. ;)

You can find many varieties of food here.

Look closer and you might be able to spot me. Please don't pay attention to the sleeveless lady in white. The one with the butt crack LOL. Pic is taken using UWA (Ultra Wide Angle) lens. KEWL isn't it? =P

Pasembur. Still cannot win the one at Batu Lanchang market I would say.

Yong To Fu. Not a big fan but it's nice. ;)

Chai Kueh. It's stir fried vegetables(usually turnip) wrapped in crystal like dough skin.

Char Kueh Tiaw. I think you can't find a lousy char kueh tiaw stall in Penang.

This is Tee Nya Kuih with brown sugar syrup.
My first time testing this Chinese delicacy and I don't quite like it. Hehe.

Roti Babi. I still prefer the one I tried at Song River Cafe, Gurney.

Apparently, someone cannot stand not having hotdogs and ordered this crappy dish.
Totally not recommended.

Apom Balik which is pretty normal. Who knows where to get nice Apom in Penang??!!?!

I think my collection of pix is pretty complete until I realized I didn't snap a pix of the nice popiah they have!!!! You guys should see the long Q there. Everyone's aiming for the seafood popiah. Hehe.
This pix is taken from this food blogger who wrote a full review of Padang Brown's Popiah!
Cool eh? =P

This is one of the things I have yet to try. Huhu.
Pix is taken from my blogger friend and she wrote an entry for the lok lok here too. ^_^

Last but not least, this is one of my favourite dishes. The Kerabu Mihun Goreng.
A little bit too dry I would say but I still love the sourish taste!

Signing off,
The FAT pig (who is trying hard to diet but keep getting pwned by food)


padang brown! said...

this is absolutely one of the best places in penang imo. if they stop selling popiah here, i am afraid i will die.

the laksa is not bad too.

Pink Cotton said...

wah! include google map location le! lol

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

O.o how many person go with you??? You didn't order for the sake of blogging...right? hahahaha

Eryn said...

PD, Hehe. Yeah. Love the popiah too. Wonder if we can find dry popiah in Penang or not. Hmmm.

PC, Google map? Ok. Let me dig. =P

Kopi, I went there 4 times last month. Hahaha. Each time, I ordered different things so I can blog out ma. =P

wyenn said...

lol, got pawned by food. lets get diet together!

George Yew said...

i always go there for lok lok at night. hehe.. 'cos the place is always empty, cheap and the food is NICE! :P