Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Roti Bakar

Toast has always been my favorite. I used to love Old Town toast but recently it's always cold and the butter always come in one big piece! Even after I requested them to reheat my toast!!! YUCKS!

I heard that there's a better toast somewhere at Tanjung Bungah and till now, I have no chance to explore that yet. Hehe. Today, I'm gonna blog about Roti Bakar Kopitiam, located somewhere near Bukit Gambier/USM. They have a new branch at Penang Times Square now! Hehe. It has the same concept like Old Town, just that it's way cheaper and nicer!

Honey Lemon Juice

White Coffee

Crunchy toast with nicely spread butter & kaya

My new favourite - Cheese Toast

Tomyam Fried Rice
I still favour the one at Noodle Station, E-gate ^_^

Now, who can tell me where else to find nice and cheap toast? Hehe.

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Ă…nGe|e said...

I feel so hungry just by looking at those food pics. The cheese toast seems sooo yummy! Makes me wanna eat a croque monsieur!