Thursday, June 11, 2009

Satay Oh Satay

Lately, I found a new place to dine! It's Ah' Basri Detoxified Satay House, located at Sungai Ara. If you're heading to Fisherman's Grill/Desaria/Pearl Garden, it's somewhere on your left. It's easier to locate at night because there will be a big brightly lighted 'SATAY' sign. I'm NOT a fan of satay but seriously, their SATAY is really yummylicious. I've been visiting the place at least once a week now. LOL.

Rice cube (Nasi himpit) - RM 1

Ketupat Palas (Pulut) - RM 0.50 ( I LOVE their LEMANG!!!!! )

They have a great assortment of satays here ranging from chicken, beef, lamb, deer, ostrich, horse, rabbit, duck, turkey, squid, prawn and fish. You can opt for rice set too. I love their TOMATO rice. Gosh. I think I love any tomato rice from anywhere. HAHA! I have yet to try all their satays as I always opt for the LAMB satay. Gosh. I'm like addicted to it already. Cis.

Meat/Satay Lovers. You can go for your food hunt now if you haven't try this out. Hehe. Oh ya. Did I mention their satay sauce is nice too? ^_^


The Devil said...

so the very meng-gemuk-kan... hahaha

how is it compare to Kajang's Haji Samuri satay?

Pink Cotton said...

really nice ah?
always pass by the place but nvr bother to try...hehee

Eryn said...

yeah gemuk! kajang one ah. i lupa the taste liau rofl.

i like lor. hehe. very juicy! no fatty meat also.