Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Super Hokkien Mee

Many months ago (Yea! I took that long to blog about this), I decided to try out the Super Hokkien Mee in town. They start kinda early and business is so damn good that people have to wait for like so LONG for just ONE bowl of mee. That's when they start to get lansi. The 'sour face' auntie taking order straight away asked me "You wanna wait for an hour? If yes, I take your order". Cis. Really that good meh? I think they don't care if they can sell you that bowl of noodle as it won't make any difference to their business. What a bad service.

Are you really that 'super'?

Located at One Corner Cafe along Jalan Bawasah (behind Burmah Road's Giant Supermarket), the place was kinda full around 8 in the morning. Iskh iskh. My spicy hokkien mee came after 50 minutes and after my first sip of the soup, I don't think the hokkien mee is that 'super' also. Maybe it's because of my eating partner who likes to bitch a lot. Yeah. You heard me. =P

What do I think about the food? It's sweet and I can taste the spiciness MOSTLY. I'm not a big fan of hokkien mee. In fact, I hated it when I first tasted it ages ago. LOL.

3 bucks + an hour of waiting + need to see muka masam auntie to order + need to get up early to get the food = No thanks!

The dumpling looks nice no? The fact is: It's expensive and SUX!

The service is so bad and this makes me wonder why people still wanna waste their time going back. Oh well. That's just my point of view. It's your choice to try it out. :)

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