Monday, August 03, 2009

The Cost of Being Tam Ciak

The sudden craving of beef noodles suddenly striked me as I was strolling along Jalan Alor, the heaven of food or casually known as 'Wai Sek Kai'. The normal stalls I would go for are always the Ichiban pork porridge at Sai Woo Restaurant, the hokkien char, dim sum, fried lala, ikan panggang, chicken wings and of cos mango lolo. *drool*

Not knowing the direction of the beef noodles stall, I sms-ed few friends (those I assume that they are always right in front of their computers!) and minutes later, I got the super detailed information on the stall's whereabout. Cool eh? No need GPS also can survive la! Hehehe.

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles stall is located at Tengkat Tung Shin and it's adjacent to Jln Alor. You will pass by landmarks like Mutiara Villa, Corona Inn, Muar, Max Kitchen & Restaurant and we took approximately 10 minutes walking there. That was around 5 pm and it's already opened! Some say it's opened 24 hours. Hmmm. Dkdc.

Big Moo Moo signboard from far. You can barely miss this.

I chose the RM 5 Mixed Beef Noodles

Yummy soup with all the cow's intestines and of cos beef balls.

My lao su fen with minced beef. *nom nom nom*

Bon appetit!

The beef noodles still lose to the one I had at Petaling Street but this one is less oily, Mum said. FOUR freaking hours after, after my shopping madness, I started to feel nauseous. I guess that's how CLEAN the beef noodles were. Parents were ok. Just me! I had diarrhoe for the following two days and GOSH! Why it has to be me all the time? Road side food is supposed to be the BEST yet DIRTY but I just couldn't resist. =(

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wohooo nice beef noodle