Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arabic & Lebanese Cuisine

WEEKS back, I decided to give a try to the famous Tarbush Restaurant that serves Arabic & Lebanese cuisine. Now qualifying as one of Kuala Lumpur's best dining experience, Tarbush has finally expanded to Penang. Hurray!

Located at Batu Ferringhi, it's actually quite easy to spot the place as it's just right next to The Ship. This would be their 4th branch I think.

Fooling around with the camera as usual. =P

The interior is quite classy I would say.

Arabic Coffee - RM 5
Ugh. I'm a coffee lover but I hate this!

Lemon Na' na - Expensive iced peppermint drink with lemon. Highly recommended if you love sour stuff like me. Hehe. It's a bit expensive I would say - RM 11

Appetizer: Tarbush Hommus - RM 12
It's chickpeas with Tahina sauce (sesame paste), garlic and parsley topped with olive oil.

After mixing altogether, you will get this. It's a strong flavoured dip and well, the reason I tried this out is because it's the house''s Signature Dish. Simply worth trying I would say.

The appetizer actually came with white radish, olives, cucumber and whatever you can see in the above pic. :)

Not forgetting the Lebanese Bread of course. All you need to do is wrap all of them up and savour it slowly. YUM~~~!

Tarbush Mixed Grill - Rm 35
Mouth watering isn't it? It's a medley of lamb chop, ShishTawook (skewered grilled chicken), Shish kebab (skewered grilled lamb) and lamb cubes. I love the garlic dip they gave. Simply mouth watering!!!

Kofta - RM 28
Last but not least, it's the baked juice minced lamb. So juicy that you keep wanting for more.
Highly recommended as it's my favorite dish of all. ^^

I guess that's about it. A simple short review from me. Hehe.


Ă…nGe|e said...

The interior looks so nice. Arabic and Lebanese food have a lot of lamb, right? Unfortunately I'm not really into lamb :( But the Tarbush mix grilled definitely looks delicious!

J2Kfm said...

you're supposed to wrap those cili padi and dip into the hummus?!! aiks. breathing fire?

Eryn said...

Angele, Yea. They have lots of lamb. Mostly meat. Ughh. Really yummy. Wanna go back to try again. ;)

J2Kfm, Yes! Wrap everything up. But I dare not try the cili padi. LOL.

Zeekco said...

I wanted to try tarbush the other day when im back but too bad i settled for HRC instead.

ill be back form soem lebanese food action. but then i was wondering, mana itu Sisha? di Arab, lepas makan mereka tengok belli-dance sambil smoking sisha punya ma. hahaha