Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blue Colored Rice

I've tried red and brown colored rice before but this is the first time I tried blue colored rice. How cool is that? LOL. Pardon me for being such a noob. =P

Pic was taken during Pasar Ramadhan last month. It's just opposite USM, Bukit Gambir.

One of the things that is a MUST to try when you visit Kelantan or Terengganu is their oh-so-famous "Nasi Kerabu". I just know this recently. Else I would have tried that when I visited Kelantan last time. LOL. Oh well. Nvm. You can still hunt this at the Malay pasar malam around you. =P

Nasi Kerabu is normally served with fried fish or chicken, fish crackers, salted egg, chili stuffed with fish and coconut (just like yong tofu) and so on. The rice is served with some special coconut-based gravy called 'tumis' which is simply gastronomic. Yummy! What makes it so unique is the blue colored rice of course! It's not just some artificial coloring you see. The color is extracted from some flowers called Butterfly Pea / Clitoria (nearly type clitoris wtf) Ternatea or in Malay, Bunga Telang.

Pic is stolen from raykinzoku ;)

Yea. That's the clitoris flower I am talking about. Looks like morning glory isn't it? Haha. Oh well. That's the key to the real taste of Nasi Kerabu. Simply lovely! Now who can tell me where to hunt yummylicious nasi kerabu in Penang? =p~


iriene said...

Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang - are my favourite! Nang your DG. Do drop by my blog when u r online, thanks!

Tony Wan said...

walao... blue color rice =.=

tedlive said...

I haven't eat this for a long time :-)