Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chilis Overloaded

Last week was 2 of my colleagues' birthdays. As usual, the kaypoh (busybody) me went and organized a birthday celebration and I hate it when people started to question me bunch of stuffs like ...
  • Who else going?
  • Who's driving?
  • Where to eat?
  • Who's buying cake?
  • I'll tell you later, need to check with my girlfriend first. (This is the most annoying stuff I often hear. Can't you just decide without asking your gf's permission?)
Yes. Most of the pictures here will appear to be YELLOWISH.
So shaddap and c0ntinue reading please. =P

What's more frustrating is one of the guys actually told me he had a very important date with the gf. Then, when another girl started to question him, he said he just want to get a new watch. Yeah. Getting a new watch is pretty important to him. -_____-"

Anyways, back to the birthday celebration ... We ended up going Chilis to celebrate, thanks to someone's idea *cough* and this had indeed burn a BIG hole in my wallet AGAIN. The bill was RM365 for the 7 of us and we were actually treating the 2 birthday boys. So, it's roughly 70 per pax. Huhu. Really broke. Apparently, I have been having expensive/good food (at least RM20 per meal) for the whole week. Argh! KILL ME!!!

The food was really yummylicious despite the guilt (an image of Annie saying FAT liao ahhhh!!!) I had while eating. I think she's gonna nag me more if she sees that I've been blogging about food only. LOL.

Bottomless Tostada Chips! Love the home-made salsa dip. - RM 9.95

Kickin' Jack Nachos with beans and queso with a hint of seasoned beef with jalapeno Jack chesee and Margarita spice. Served wtih house-mad pico de gallo and sour cream. - RM 21.95

Classic Fajitas Chicken - RM 31.95 or
Fajitas Trio - RM 38.95
Not sure what's this as everyone started digging in the moment the food was served. LOL.

Fire-grilled Chicken & Portobello.
Fire grilled chicken breasts with a marinated Portobello mushroom served over zesty peppercorn sauce with loaded mashed potatoes (beef bacon) and seasonal veggies. - RM 32.95

Fire-Grilled Jalapeno Steak Quesadillas. Spicy jalapeno steak, melted pepper Jack cheese, jalapenos and fajita onions in fire-grilled tortilla.
Served with sour cream, house-made pico de gallo and ancho-ranch dressing - RM 29.95

Sigh. Another food entry. I wonder what's next? *rubbing my bulging tummy*


Ă…nGe|e said...

Yes yes another food post!


Omg I'm hungry :( And I just had a huge plate of cheese and ham macaroni for dinner!

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Eryn said...

why wanna kill me? >.< what did i do!!! -____-"!!