Sunday, November 08, 2009

All Souls' Day

According to Wiki, All Souls' Day commemorates the faithful departed. This day is observed in the Catholic Church and coming from a Catholic family (mum's side), we celebrated by paying her a visit. Grandma has left us since year 2004 and it's still hard to believe that it has been 5 long years!

The day started by going to Dad's favourite kopitiam at 7th mile. We reached about 8.30 and our food only came an hour later. That proves how popular the kolok mee is! Located somewhere in 7th mile, we have been coming to Molly Siang Seafood Cafe on our way to visit Grandma at Nirvana Memorial Park, somewhere in Bau.

No. 128, Jln Penrissen Batu 7

What I don't like is the auntie who's slow in taking order. Business is just too good I guess.

The 'cheng' kolok mee without any ingredient.

You can opt for fishballs (cousins love it!), pig's livers, prawns, pork, etc.

3 layer Tea. Originally started in 7th mile Kuching, they even have a website for it!
From Bottom to Top - Gula melaka, evaporated milk and the tea itself!!

You can even find this in some of the mamak in Penang too. LOL.

We reached about 10.30 and the day was already so hot. Ughh! After placing the orchids that I got for Grandma (Grandma loved orchids a lot when she's still alive), we started lighting up the candles and said our prayers. Of course, I was only watching when they prayed. For those who do not know me, I'm a free thinker! If I stay long in Kuching, perhaps I might be a Christian now. Haha.

Candles were lit.

Prayers were said.

When Grandma just passed away, we would visit her grave every weekend. Then, some relatives told us not to visit her that often as she belongs to a different world now. It would be sad for her to see us on and off when we visit her. Sigh. Wonder how true can that be?

Grandma has 4 angels guarding her tomb.

Mother Mary & Son; rosary beads with Grandma's name.

So, that's how I spent my last Sunday before I flew back to Penang again. Mum said it's such a coincident that I'm back on the right time to celebrate this day with the family. :)

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