Thursday, November 05, 2009

Baby Isabel

PEDO Alert! *alarm ringing*

Isabel's little foot.

Nah! You want a kick from my chubby foot?!?!

Same pic but with different effect. Which is nicer? ;)

Meet Cheryl, my best buddy since Uni.

Grumpy Isabel with Mama.

Argh. She looked terrified. Must be wondering why I kept taking shots of her.

Another different effect. Love the polka dots...

My favourite pic of all! So chubby!

I didn't get to snap a pic together with Baby Isabel. She cried every time I tried to carry her. Huhu. Must be pretty scared of this stranger eh? Nvm. I will try again the next time when I get to meet her. She's 3 months old now. The next time I meet her, she would be 6 months old? LOL. Stay tune for more! ;)

1 comment:

Jessen said...

Aiyo! Isabel is so cute!!!!!!! Beh tahan want to hug her and cubit her :p