Thursday, November 26, 2009

Penang Bird Park

Emo guy touching emo birdie.

This little parrot kept saying 'Hello' to me. ^_^

The little duckling that he we kept harassing.

What is this bird liau? Pelican.

Do Re Mi trying to avoid their pics being taken.

Not so nice peacock. :(

Hehe. This stork reminds me of the pity little stork in one of the mini cartoon by Pixar.
It was shown before Christmas Carol. Pixar FTW!

Hi sexy! *wink*

A lost little birdie trapped in Penang Bird Park. Huhu.

Another ugly duck.

Look!!! An eagle! *points to Annie*

Why does flamingo stand on one foot? Some of the answers include avoiding heat loss to the water. By submerging only one foot, flamingos were able to cut that in half.

A big owl that I dare not touch. =P

Lastly, a pic of someone's new fcking exp ~7k camera.

This would be the NICEST pic among all I guess. =(

Here's another post of someone's complaining about me and a bunch of emo birdies' pics. My pics considered okay for a first timer who shoot birdies no? Thick face I know. =P

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