Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pak Din at Kepala Batas

Oh crap. I've been neglecting my blog again. Uploaded these pics on Dec 8th. Published the post on 19th Dec. Great! =P

Restoran Ikan Bakar Din is always swarmed with people on any day. If I am not mistaken, they are only opened during lunch time. Located at Kepala Batas, you can easily spot this place if you are coming from Sungai Petani. The shop is just on your left if you are heading to the town itself and you can see LOTS of cars parked by the roadside.

This is my second time there and I still say the quality of the food never drop!
Still cheap and YUMMY!

It's hard to find an empty table, judging from the amount of people.

After eating, I went around snapping pictures and I can sensed a bunch of eyes looking at me. LOL. Many of the locals must be wondering what is there to snap? The employee was kind enough to me. Look at what he did? Hehe.

King prawn FTW!

See those fishy and crabbies? They are all cooked. Self service though. Just choose whatever you like and the guy will calculate for you at your table.

Crabs. Obviously. =P


Some fish.


Big prawns vs small prawns. Just compare yourself!

Sting rays. My fave!

Another bunch of fish at the other side.

No idea what this shit is. Looks raw to me. :-s

Petai. Also known as stink bean.

Some soup which looked yucky to me. LOL.

Fried onions.

Taugeh. Hate it.

Fattening curry paste.

Enjoying my pari/stingray.

Their beef really habis fast. Too hard YUCK. Flavour wise, it's really good.

Some spicy gravy for you to eat with your fish/crabs/prawns. Love it! ^^

Another spicy sambal/balacan gravy.

My two big prawns. Highly recommended. ^^

All in all, the food is just great. Cheap too! I think we spent roughly 15-20 bucks per pax to try most of the stuffs they have. Simply a great try! ;)


The Devil said...

walau.... got map on how to get there... hungry d le...

Devan said...

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Daren said...

The pictures you have posted are breath taking.......