Friday, February 05, 2010

The Great Ocean Road

It's February now. The last time I blogged, it was in December last year. Maybe I'll just update my blog every 2 months from now on. Hehe. I'm thinking of changing this blog to a photo blog. What do you think? Blogspot sucks. I have to edit my pics 1 by 1 to get the following effects. Sigh.

Well, these photos were taken during our road trip to the Great Ocean Road. During my stay in Melbourne, we almost went for road trips EVERYDAY. The petrol expenses was slowly killing us. LOL. The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's great scenic coastline drives; a 243 km stretch of road along the south-eastern coast. It was my second time there and yet I still find the place AWESOME. Maybe it's because this time, I came with my baby. My 18 yrs old cousin got himself a four thousand bucks DSLR just for this trip too. Rich bastard. =P

Taken at Gibson Steps, this is the only place (correct me if I'm wrong) where you get to go
down to the beach and have a clear look at one of the 12 Apostles.

This is how near you can get. Actually I could go closer. Just a bit lazy. =P
It's super windy at that time.

The great blue sea. Each of these pitstops are like 10 mins drive from each other.

This place is called London Arch. It's used to be connected, forming a bridge. The arch closest to the shoreline collapsed unexpectedly 10 years ago. =(

Uncle took this shot. He wanted it to be artistic a bit woh. LOL.

A closer look at the arch.

The Arch.

We went to the 12 Apostles on the second day as it was very late already. We stayed overnight at Apollo Bay (for 2 days) and it was quite pricey for the ten of us. Yes! I went there in a big group. But it was fun. We managed to dig up old stories right before we went to bed. Uncles were busy telling stories about how my old folks dated back then while the small ones (including me and my cousins) were laughing all the way. =)

The Twelve Apostles National Park. Obviously. :P

Two fat apostles. There is a total of 12 apostles here.
A collection of limestone stacks off the shore.

Each of these pit stops has a name! If only I remember what this place is called. :(

They even have blowhole here too. Sounds so obscene.

Ooh. Aah. Uhh.

We had to walk all the way down to explore.

This pic is taken using a ultra wide angle lens. Nice? =D

Nothing special. Just a simple shot while walking. But I'm loving this pic a lot!

Loch Ard Gorge. I missed out this place and had to drive back just to take this shot. Simply desperate.
The rest were so tired that they decided to rest in the car. =(

These sunset photos were taken on the second night in Apollo Bay. Too bad the 12 Apostles is quite far from where we stayed. Else I would have a sunset pic taken there too! =(

All in all, we started our journey around 10.30 am. That was my third weekend in Melbourne. We managed to explore Geelong, Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Bay, Port Campbell and Springvale in 3 days. Would love to explore Warrnambool (farther up from Port Campbell) to see the great whales one day.


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Nice shots. Nanged btw

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Nice pictures! :)

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Interesting scenery photos! Some looks like Avater movie scene ;p

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Comments coming a bit late... But this place is SUPER AWESOME!!!! Where did u go ar? New Zealand or Australia? :p

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Nice photos!

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