Friday, March 05, 2010

Chap Goh Meh

I know it's a little bit late for that but what the heck. Chap Goh Meh marks the end of Chinese New Year and this year, I went town for the very first time to witness Penang's grand celebration and 'throwing mandarin oranges' event.

Yes. Just write any of your wishes on the orange and your wishes will come true. Yeah right. =P

The myth was like for those unmarried maidens to throw these oranges into the river and bachelors will fish them out elsewhere and present back to the ladies. All you need to do is to jot down your name plus contact and pray that the ink won't get washed away when the oranges are thrown into the river. =P

It's funny to see how many people actually throw the oranges into the sea; regardless of age and sex. One uncle even asked us to write the Chinese word 'Fatt' (strike rich/prosper) on TWO of his oranges. It's a shame that I do not know how to write that word. HAHAHA!

In order to prevent us from polluting the river, the authority is getting ready to scoop back all the oranges thrown into the sea. Now, where are the guys who are supposed to fish the oranges?

Apart from that, we also walked around to witness the Tua Pek Kong yearly procession. It's been a while since I last witness this kind of thing and apparently, some of the aunties here actually went from one decorated 'vehicle' to another and pray to the Gods.

Less crapping now as I should get back to work. Here are some photos I took there. =P

The people designing these vehicles are so creative that they did not forget to add THIS to their 'decorations'!!!!!!!!!



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Wilson said...

we have procession at Kuching, Sarawak as well. But the deco are not as colorful compare to you place.

and the last photo serve a good laugh indeed, lols :)


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4lene said...

hey . didnt know bout the orange tradition.. i wudve totally done it haha even tho they fish em out ;) .. was a nice bit of GK .. lovely pics as well! will track your new blog ;)

Greetings from London & Mumbai ! ;)