Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Little Birdies

One fine evening, she decided to do a bit of spring cleaning for her little bedroom. So, after sweeping, she went to find a mop and guess what she found!

A bird nest? FYI, there are at least THREE mops lying around the house and she claimed that she mopped her room exactly 1 month ago! That proves how frequent the tenants of the house mop this house isn't it? LOL.

She then found a stick and decided to poke a hole to peep inside. Yikes! She saw moving baby creatures!!! Her first impression was they did look like baby hamsters! ROFL.

Can you spot the little birdie's thigh?

Baby butt spotted! Now I wonder where Papa Bird and Mama Bird are. =(

Few months being in hiatus and I came out with something THIS interesting! How awesome is that? Hehe. I'll be BACK!

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